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A Post Wedding in the middle of a Snow Storm, in Aargau

Matt and Stefany had their wedding months ago, in the beautiful Geneva. So we met for a post wedding in Aargau, organised by Elopement in the Alps. Flor Bustos was the make up artist performing the beautiful hairstyle and make up for the bride, who was wearing a dazzling boho bridal dress from Rue de Seine, the earrings were from Acus, and the flower crown was handmade in Switzerland, provided by Elopement in the Alps. We also had a gorgeous and yummy cake from Pistazien Pastell.

As soon as the couple got ready, we departed towards their dreamy elopement like destination, in Aargau, to perform their post wedding photography report, but a snow storm got in the way, clouding the light. There is of course no way they were going to miss this wonderful opportunity to have some pictures with their wedding gowns, so we sorted the situation: they were brave enough to stand in the middle of the snow, and this was the outcome. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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