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A Winter´s tale Elopement in the Snow

This gorgeous Swiss couple never felt like having a traditional wedding, and this spontaneous elopement photo shoot seemed like the perfect fit for them. A winter elopement in Switzerland might be tough because of the cold temperatures, but the atmosphere and the ambiance of the wedding pictures is so elegant and fairytale like that it feels absolutely worth it.

Proper gear is a fundamental part of a winter elopement, you absolutely have to find ways to stay warm and as cozy as possible. I am a huge fan of beautiful and elegant wedding heels but this is probably not the best time for it. Boots for him combined with his suit and a warm jacket from Bianco Evento for her, along with some termal clothes underneath to keep them warm, and this lovely bride and groom were ready to elope.

The bride was wearing a gorgeous tiara from Lady Schmuck (you definitely have to check her bespoken and handcrafted in Switzerland bridal jewels and accessories), her wedding dress was from Ria Tener, from the Dress Kreuzlingen (I only have nice words for the kind Juli, who helped the bride choose this wonderful ivory dress, which colour was enhanced by the snowy landscape from Glarus) and Flor Bustos was the MUAH artist that created her elegant hair style and make up.

We counted on Elopement in the Alps to organise everything, which help was fundamental: driving in winter conditions can be dangerous, and finding an adequate place along with someone that already knows some safe locations is one of the most important parts when planning your winter elopement. Plus, organisation is very important in this time of the year: you can't spend hours outside as it is way too cold for it, so every part of the schedule must be planned in order not to have any kind of delays that may result in spending more time in the cold weather.

The just married couple shared a delicious raw vegan cake from Nyers Zürich, that perfectly matched the bride's make up and flowers. You can see the highlights of their day below.


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