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Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Mallorca

As a Destination Wedding Photographer, I like to seize each occasion to continue with my passion: photography, so each time I travel, I try to find the way to find some work in the area to enrich my portfolio and get to know more couples everywhere.

Meli is a songwriter and singer, originally from Argentina. Her beautiful voice and lyrics captivate everyone, and although she is based in Mallorca, she also travels to other places with her music.

Each time I have a pre wedding photoshoot with a couple, I make sure to send them a short guide I have made myself to help them get the best out of their photoshoot, giving them some advice regarding clothing, colours, etc. One thing that I like to highlight as well is that atrezzo can make a huge difference and make your photoshoot more dynamical. If you play an instrument, if you love music or as in this case, if it is a huge part of your life, bring in your guitar or instruments (as long as it is possible) and let yourselves have an intimate moment playing a song. Let me know below what you think about the vibe this beautiful moment gave to these guys photoshoot:

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