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Ziviltrauung in Zürich - Zivilstandsamt Zürich

Being a wedding photographer based in Zürich means that you will spend a lot of time every year, especially in the summer, at the Zivilstandsamt in Stadthausquai portraying the beautiful and intimate moments from the couples that choose this venue to say yes in Zürich.

Andrina and Pascal are a local swiss couple that wanted to celebrate their love on this beautiful summer day. This bride decided to use a jumpsuit instead of a dress, and honestly I can't be more in love with the idea of going to your Ziviltrauung in a jumpsuit, especially if you are having a big wedding after, so that you can really see a difference between both days' outfit. This jumpsuit was from Dolce Vita Chur. Andrina's hair and make up were done by the talented Anastasia Landtwig, the jewels were from Dior, and her flowers were from a beautiful flower shop that you may know if you usually go to Zürich Bahnhof (I promise I always stop there to see their beautiful flower works and bouquets):Marsano in Loewenstrasse, Zürich.

The rings were made by Elizza fine Jewellery and Meister Trauringe.

After their civil wedding in the most popular standsamt in Zürich, they celebrated an apero right next to it, at the patio from Fraumünster Kirche. Then, we went for a walk to do their couple photoshoot in the surroundings of the standsamt. I hope that you like their wedding memories!

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