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Elopement in Zermatt Matterhorn: a destination wedding in the Swiss Alps

One of my favourite parts of being a wedding and elopement photographer in Switzerland is visiting stunning mountain locations for elopements and photo shoots in the Alps, like Zermatt. Zermatt is one of the most beautiful towns in the swiss Alps, and definitely a perfect destination for an intimate elopement in Switzerland or for a couple photo shoot. From the Matterhorn, to the Schwarzsee and all the beautiful landmarks, you can easily get everlasting memories in the form of beautiful photographies that you will treasure with your couple for the rest of your lives from your winter wedding in Zermatt.

Elopement in Zermatt proposal in Zermatt destination wedding in Zermatt Matterhorn

A proposal in Zermatt, an elopement in Zermatt, a destination wedding in Zermatt. This town and the Matterhorn are the perfect match any love celebration. Jasmine and Alex came all the way from Singapur to visit Switzerland as tourists, but not just to taste some fondue and raclette, but also to elope prior to their big wedding afterwards. Flor Bustos did the bridal styling and make up, with some bespoken bridal jewels from Lilien brautschmuck (beautifully handmade in Switzerland). The bride brough her dress from Singapour, same for the groom, and after getting ready, we got on our way to the gondola, and up to the Schwarzsee, a perfect spot if you are looking for a elopement in the snow, to say their votes and elope in front of the Matterhorn. After the intimate moment and some pictures in the area, we came down the mountains to the typical swiss town of Zermatt, where this couple glew for the rest of the photo shoot. I believe they could not find a more romantic spot for their intimate wedding than Zermatt. I hope you love the pictures!