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Fairy Tale like Maternity Photoshoot in Zürich

Maternity photoshoots are one of my favourite type of couple photoshoots. I believe this is a very special time in our life where it is, more than ever, worth having some eternal memories.

I feel that, during pregnancy, more than ever, it is great to have a day off, take care of ourselves and have some fun. Some couples prefer to have a spontaneous and natural photoshoot, but some others love to feel like a princess for one day, in a more fantasy like style, and I honestly do both kinds of shootings. Nathaly wanted to feel like a fairy princess for a day, so I provided her with a dress, a crown and of course, the wonderful make up artist Flor Bustos, who joined us and did her magic, making Nathaly look this gorgeous.

I usually perform maternity photoshoots in Zürich and Luzern, this time we have the photoshoot in a park in Zürich. I was very happy to know the feedback for this photoshoot from Nathaly and Andrea, who enjoyed the time and the place so much that they stayed after for dinner.

This is what they said about their photoshoot:

"Our experience with Gloria was really good. The shooting was very professional and the fotos were delivered quickly and turned out great. 100% recommended!"



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