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Maternity Photoshoot in Schaffhausen

Severine and Juan got married in 2021. I had the pleasure to be at their beautiful and romantic wedding day as their photographer, and they loved the outcome so much that when Severine got pregnant, she asked me to be their maternity photographer.

I usually recommend doing the photoshoot between 28 and 32 weeks, so that the belly is already rounded and visible and you are not to uncomfortable moving and walking around a little bit, but of course we can always adapt it to your needs. Severine wanted a river, flowers and some yellowish tones for her maternity photoshoot, and due to a trip they had and my availability, the photoshoot had to be in April, a bit too soon to find those yellow tones in the landscape around Switzerland. However, the couple went scouting to an area they knew, near a river, in Schaffhausen, and found some of the mood and colour palette they had thought about there, so we headed there!


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