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Intimate elopement in the Swiss Alps

Sharon and Emmanuel had this beautiful and spontaneous elopement by a lake in the Swiss Alps. Thanks to Elopement in the Alps, everything was organised for them to enjoy their day without having too much to think about.

The technical definition of an elopement is a escape, running away and getting married by yourselves, but it can apply to a wedding with 10 or fewer guests. An elopement is meant to be personal, a romantic alternative for couple to want their big day focused in what they feel and what they are, it can be an adventure together after a day of hiking or you can just choose a convenient location, for which the Swiss mountains are a perfect background, I can assure as an elopement photographer in Switzerland and other destinations, that this country is perfect for this purpose (and I can of course help you find the perfect spot for it!). You can secretly elope and tell your relatives later, or you can have some people being present, it is up to you!

For this occasion, the make up and hair were done by Flor Bustos, who made this beautiful bride shine. Her earrings and hair accesories were handmade in Switzerland by Lady Schmuck, and the gorgeous dress was from a bridal boutique in Basel, called White Secret. The bride looked impecable and the dress was comfortable enough for her to walk by the lake.

It was a very private and intimate elopement, after which the couple enjoyed the sunset with the privileged view that an elopement in the alps can only give you: the mountains and the lake behind them.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the day, I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did!


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